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Realms Aid Wrap Up.

We, the staff of Realms Aid would like to extend our heart felt, and humble gratitude to the people of the Realms.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who came and to all who donated to the auction. I will try to, if I can, get a complete list of what sold to those who wish to see it (and maybe for the View). Chaos Dwarf Armory, Maryanne English-Betie, Carrie Dolphe, Jarrod Marshall (for letting me auction him off), Gary and Cindy Bleggi, James Murphy, Andy Disbrow, Angela Hinkle, Henry Giasson, Nate Carr, Seamus Packer, Jana Greene, Meg Dooley, Betterbeer, Michele LaPlante, Amber Schilling, Kevin DeSousa (another one I got to sell off), Doug Fisher,Sarah Cohen, Steve Johnson, Josh Learned, Kris Veno, and Becky Garbos (if anyone has been forgotten, please tell me!). We sold just about everything. Although I had hoped for some things to sell better, it was still a smashing success. Just the auction brought us over $2000.

Thank you, especially, to Rebeca Garbos who helped organize just about everything. To Shannon Waterman, Ashley Gibbons, Zach Reynolds (for cleaning up in the rain and helping Illy all weekend). Ben and Jana Greene, Chris Jackson for just being himself and helping out, Neil Tozier, Andy Disbrow, Nate and Maria Carr, Liz Butler, Jarrod Marshall,and everyone else for their tireless efforts in helping this event become a success. Thanks to all the NPC's on the Night Quest. You guys did a great job. If I forgot anyone, know that we are truly thankful, and proud. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

You, all of you, who came and fought, or sent in something to help reminded, all of what kind of community we truly are.

Over the course of the weekend, we saw the truth of who we are, and what we can do.
This is a fight that we have taken up, not for fun, nor for the magic cookie, but because it is right and for no other reason. And, this is the fight I can only hope to see more join.
This is what has set the bar. This is what has given us a goal for years to come.

In total, with the auction, the Fight-A-Thon, random Donations, and registration, we raised a total of $4682.40
This is now our goal for Realms Aid 2007, Fighting for those who Can’t.

Again, thank you. Kevin, Illy, and I are truly proud to be members of this wonderful community. The Norris Cotton Cancer Center thanks you all, too.
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