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The Dread Irate Pirate

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Unto the People of the Realms,

Want to support some for Realms Aid? Well, you have heard Kwartz go on about Blade. But, you have yet to see his heart in it.
Cannot make it to Realms Aid, but still want to make a good donation? Cannot really fight at Realms Aid but still want to show your support?
Today I present the person you *should* support.

Sir Guilliam has entrusted me, (and Kyomi but I cannot find her) to pimp him out!
Advertise your business. Got a new "item" coming out? Well, leave it to Guilliam to show that a real winner is standing behind your product!
Put your support behind the one person who you can truly trust to be the Last Man Standing in the Realms Aid Fight-A-Thon.

~Dame Freesia Den'ier

(All endorsements will be placed on a shirt, or Guilliam's body. Please see me for further details. The person who donates the most money will have their advertisement in large letters on the back of Guilliam's Shirt... yes,I am making him a shirt for this!)
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